Lead By Example & People Will Follow You

Have you ever read any great books on the subject of leadership? Have you read any by John Maxwell? I have and I have to tell you that he shares some great concepts on the subject. The thing that stands out most in my mind when it comes to the information contained in these books is the strategies for effective leadership. One of the top ones is leading by example.


Some of the greatest leaders known to man throughout history were people of vision. They were People who were able to see things that others could not. They shared their vision with the world to improve the overall quality of life. A leader never became a great leader by being doubter, a common thinker, or not positive.


Never has anything been accomplished of value by looking at a problem and complaining without offering a solution to the problem. In fact, a leader that views only the negative side of a picture will remain a leader for a short time. Then there will become a time when they are noticed but are irrelevant.


The media has a negative influence on our lives and we must strive to overcome it. If you ever watched the news you’ll notice that it’s anywhere from 95-98% negative. I believe that the best solution is to immerse ourselves in the positive so we can accomplish that. To be effective, a leader of people must understand that he has to give the people who follow him hope of better things.


If he or she can do this, they can rise to higher levels and accomplish great things. But if they lose the vision of being a positive visionary in any organization, a leader is destined to fail. No one in their right mind will follow a leader who is going fall over a cliff.


As you push to develop your business, career, you should remember that you can become whatever you want to be. Take a look at challenges and problems and then offer solutions. Develop visions for the future that people want to get onboard with. Refrain from focusing too much on the problem and rubbing people’s nose in it with your complaining and whining. If you do this, eventually people begin to not listen anymore.


For example, when you have a customer complaint, choose to perk up and listen to them with your full attention. If you work for an organization that you’re always complaining about, no one listens except the other complainers and they can’t do anything for you but bring you down even further.


Complainers develop a skill of invisibility that is only penetrated when they are seen long enough to be terminated from the company. When it gets this deep, the complainer has become nothing but a virus that can spread rapidly and make the company very sick.


When we look at the leaders of today, we should keep in mind that we are not the only ones who see them in action. The entire world is watching them, our country, and our businesses.


As some of the leaders complain without offering solutions of any kind, the world will see a not so pretty picture of disappointment and failure with no solutions in mind. Once people realize that the duty of the leader is to be the visionary and the one with the solutions, things in our world will change for the better. Until then, we get what we ask for and what we vote for.


But I suggest that you expect great things, offer great solutions, and when a challenge comes your way to be ready, raise your hand high, and step up to the plate and lead. Who knows, you could be the next effective leader before you know it.