Aunt Minnie McGranahan

 Aunt Minnie McGranahan
(Ages 4-8)
Clarion Books, 1999
ISBN: 0-395-82270-x

Minnie McGranahan was small and tidy, and she lived alone in a neat little house. She had a neat little garden and a neat little barn, and she had a system for everything. The neighbors always said it was lucky she didn’t have any children–they might interfere with her system. What a surprise it was for everyone when Minnie suddenly inherited nine orphaned nephews and nieces! Whatever would she do with all those children?

  • Selected by the Kansas Center for the Book to be read at the 2003 Kansas Family Festival
  • A 1999 Parent’s Choice® Recommendation
  • Starred reviews in Kirkus and Publishers Weekly

“This story is a sweet and simple song of grace, love, and responsibilities met; it will leave children aglow and adults in tears.”
— Kirkus Reviews